The Gardens


Combining a vibrant arrary of colour with inspiring structures such as the roman stone archway, the gardens are a truly unique setting for your wedding recepetion or event.

The gardens have been developed since the early 1980's where it started off as grassland and has since been transformed into a place of beauty and wonder by Geoff and Davina Barrett.

Features within the garden include:

  • Modern arches and bridges
  • Small moated castle
  • Lily pond
  • Greek temple ruin
  • Japenese garden
  • Roman stone Arch
  • Childrens play equipment
  • Waterfall



To book an appointment or make an enquiry, please call 01908 585 329, alternatively email or call Paul on  01908 760 713  or  07900 496 582

Perfect Venue for

• Weddings  • Dinner dances • Anniversary parties Charity eventsand more...